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About Revesz International

Revesz International is a global business intelligence and research consultancy that provides clients with powerful insights into complex business issues. We help decision-makers evaluate the impact of trends, developments and external factors of strategic and competitive significance on their businesses.

Clients look to Revesz International to determine which markets provide their greatest opportunities. They also turn to us to help solve unusual problems that call for "out-of-the-box" thinking.

Our consultative approach leverages the experience-based capabilities of our principals. We work closely with clients to support their decision-making with actionable business intelligence and recommendations.

We offer 25 plus years of experience in global custom research, marketing, strategic planning, and consulting for companies such as Chevron, Disney, Eli Lilly, Ethicon, IBM, Kraft, Maritz, Milliken, NBC, and Pfizer among others. We have also enjoyed opportunities to craft solutions for smaller firms and associations, as well as development agencies.

Over ninety percent of our clients have either worked with us before, or come to us by personal referral.

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